University Contacts

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University Contacts

Contact List - Anderson University*

EMERGENCY HOTLINE 641-3333    University Switchboard 649-9071

*(765) area code on all numbers* 

Campus Phone and Email Directory  

Office of the President 641-4010
President, James Edwards
Executive Secretary, Ronda Reemer
Office of Provost 641-4021
Provost, Marie Morris
Administrative Assistant, Julie Ward
Office of V.P. for Student Affairs 641-4070
Vice President, Brent Baker
Administrative Assistant, Theresa Hall
Admissions Office 641-4088
Director, Joe Davis
Office Manager, Becki Douglas
Alumni Office 641-4100
Alumni Director, Colin Short
Athletics Office 641-4495
Athletic Director, Marcie Taylor
Bookstore 641-4149
Manager, Tony DeLaRosa
Business Office 641-4001
Career Development Center 641-4196
Campus Ministries / Counseling Services 641-4203
Director of Campus Ministries, Stuart Erny
Director of Counseling, Christal Helvering
Commuter / Off-Campus Students 641-4190
Cultural Resource Center 641-4193
Director of International Students, Stuart Erny
Director of Multicultural Students, Michelle Williams
Housing 641-4190
Mail Center 641-4135
Police / Security Services 641-4240
Director, Rick Garrett
Registrar Office 641-4169
Director, Art Leak
Resident Directors
Dunn Hall: Terry Blackford 641-4210
Fair Commons:Alexis Gentry 641-2814
Martin Hall: Alecia Hudson 641-4208
Morrison Hall:Erinn Bridgman 641-4212
Rice Hall: Maggie Platt 641-4209
Smith Hall: Rudy Lyon 641-4207
Student Financial Services 641-4180
Director, Kenneth Nieman
Student Health Services 641-4222
Director, Nancy Mumbower