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Freshman Writing

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Welcome to the Freshman Writing Program

Satisfactory completion of our two-semester writing sequence is one of the requirements of the Liberal Arts Program of Anderson University for all baccalaureate degree students. Students are placed into a writing course during orientation, based on a number of factors which may include test scores, high school GPA, and advisor consultation. The first-semester course is either English 1110, a 3-credit hour course OR English 1100, a 4-credit-hour course for students needing an extra hour of English instruction. The majority  of our freshman class begins writing instruction in English 1100 or  English 1110. The second-semester course is English 1120. A small percentage of exceptionally able students will be permitted to waive the first course and begin writing instruction in the second course in the sequence, English 1120.

A grade of C- or better is the measure of proficiency in English 1100, 1110, and 1120. Students are required to enroll in appropriate writing skills courses every consecutive semester until they have met their writing skills requirement.

For more information on English 1100, 1110, and 1120, please see the course syllabi available in the links to the left.

Director of Writing Program:

 Elizabeth Imafuji



Scott Bennett Borders
Peter Elliott
Deborah Miller Fox
Cara Miller
Jason Robert Parks
Kevin Paul Radaker
Liz Ranfeld