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Tri-S: Study, Serve, Share

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Ever thought about making a difference?

Helping others while experiencing the adventure of travel?

Crossing cultural boundaries to see the world from another perspective?

Then Tri-S may be just the thing you're looking for!

What is Tri-S?

Tri-S is a unique international and cross-cultural program that, by integrating service and learning, fosters spiritual, academic and emotional growth. Each year, more than 400 AU students like you travel across the globe to:

    Study... Become a world citizen and help bridge cultural divides by learning about other peoples and their customs.

    Serve... Help build schools and church buildings. Conduct seminars, teach vacation bible school, or nurse the sick. Minister through song, athletics and more!

    Share... Make a difference in someone's life by giving of yourself, your time and your resources.

What programs does Tri-S offer?

Work camps and service projects
Group members provide the manual labor necessary to complete projects such as building or painting. Housing and meals are simple, and some facilities may be primitive. You and your group work alongside members of the the host culture and are expected to, among other things, help prepare food and clean up. Group members often have the opportunity to sing or share during worship services.

Cultural trips
The primary objective is to increase your cultural knowledge and understanding. You and your group may, among other things, study a society's customs, language, history, geography or fine arts.

What's included in the price?

The price of a Tri-S trip includes round-trip transportation (from the designated departure city to your Tri-S destination), airport transfers, lodging and most meals. Anderson departures travel by van, car or bus. Prices, schedules and other arrangements are, however, subject to infinite change.

What's not included in the price?

Trip prices do not include transportation to the departure city; personal items; health or accident insurance; trip cancellation, interruption or medical evacuation insurance; or any other service not expressed in writing. You are responsible for any other applicable charges, including airport departure taxes and passport, visa or immunization fees.

Academic Credit

Academic credit is available to qualified students who complete the academic requirements of a program of study in conjunction with their travel. Students must register for credit prior to travel.