Anderson, Indiana

The McCardwell Family

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Building a bright future

In more ways than one, Terry BA ’88 and Kimmi (Norholm) BA ’86 McCardwell have helped lay the foundation for Anderson University’s continuing growth. In addition to the time and financial resources they’ve invested, much of their support for the university is more hands-on as they utilize Terry’s construction business to aid in campus development.

Terry is the owner of GDI Construction Corp, a highly respected firm based in Indianapolis, that has worked for AU on the recent building projects for Fair Commons and Phase I of the York Seminary Village. Additionally, GDI is building the new Flagship Education Center adjacent to I-69 as well as Phase II of the York Seminary Village.

The business relationship between AU and GDI has been one of mutual respect and goodwill, according to Terry. After completing the beautiful Fair Commons residence hall in just a few months, GDI earned the trust of AU administrators who have come to depend on the company for quality work that is on time and within budget.

Of course, that’s just good business practice. But, to Terry, working for AU is more than just business. “As an alumnus, I take a lot of satisfaction in being able to work in a way that will help the university continue to develop and build its campus,” he says.

Terry and Kimmi both have fond memories from their experiences at AU. This is where Kimmi, the daughter of a retired Oklahoma Church of God pastor, visited many summers with her family. This is where Terry played football and baseball, developing a close camaraderie with his teammates, and even making it to the College World Series in baseball his junior year. And just before Terry graduated, this is where he and Kimmi met. They were married two years later at North Anderson Church of God (now Madison Park Church of God), where they are still members.

The McCardwells are now busier than ever with their two jobs and three children, Ellie, 15; Peyton, 12; and Emma, 9. Terry’s business keeps him busy, and after some 25 years as business manager for Sandi Patty BA ’79, Kimmi is now working with Terry in the McCardwell, Inc. real estate development company. When they’re not working, they’re driving Ellie to pole-vaulting practice in Indianapolis, or taking Emma to softball or swim practice. Terry often volunteers as a coach for Peyton’s baseball, football, and basketball teams.

Still, Terry and Kimmi find time to invest themselves in the organizations they believe in, and that list includes Anderson University. Terry was on the committee of former baseball players who helped raise money for new dugouts in 2005. Additionally, the McCardwells established an endowment for the university more than ten years ago as an unrestricted gift. And just last year, they established a new endowment that will provide scholarships for students in financial need.

According to Kimmi, this last endowment holds significant meaning for her as she, too, received financial assistance to attend AU. “When I was in college, paying the tuition was difficult with a pastor’s salary,” she says. “But there was this family in our church who knew our situation, and they just gave us the money. It was incredible, and when we have been giving recently, it has brought back how they helped me. We want to be able to help someone like that.”

Though their time is precious and their family is growing, the McCardwells give back to the community as a way of sharing the blessings they’ve received and committing to the future of both the university and the students who attend.

“We really believe in the university,” Terry says. “We believe in its mission, and we believe in the way it’s educating students and leaders of tomorrow. We’ve been very fortunate to live the lives that we do, and we want to give back to the organizations that we think are going to make a difference long term.”

Cara Miller, Excerpt from 2006 Donor Report