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Premier Business School

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Premier Business School

The 2015 Anderson University team earned a Global Top 100 ranking out of 3000 participants on the following performance criteria:
  • Earnings Per Share - Their EPS of $23.82 was the 61st best EPS performance of the week, worldwide!
  • Stock Price - Their Stock Price of $453.33 was the 57th best Stock Price performance worldwide!

In 2014, one of the Falls School of Business student teams placed in the Global Top 100 rankings in the BSG Simulation Competition.  Out of 3930 teams, one of the FSB student teams placed 77th best for overall score, worldwide. Earnings per share placement was 60th best and 51st best in stock price.  The three students on the team are Thomas Cosby, Kurtis Runyon and Andrew Jamison.

In 2015, Dr. Gregory Kaufinger, Associate Professor of Accounting, presented two papers at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference in Dallas. His paper titled Earnings Management with Gift Card Breakage won the Research Award.

Anderson University students and alumni were among top placements in the 2014 Taylor University Business Plan competition. Adam Hoeksema (AU MBA student and Micro Loan Director at the Flagship Enterprise Center) was part of a team winning first place with a $7,000 prize. AU MBA graduate Eric Baker and current residential MBA student Ashley Ledford placed third and won $2,000.

A recent study of 2012 graduates of the Falls School of Business found that 96% of the students are either employed in their field of study or in graduate school. This high placement rate was consistent between all the majors in the Falls School of Business.  Our graduates are dong well in the job market and in graduate school placement.

The newly created social media class at Anderson University (BSNS 3600-04) won a 2011 Best of Show award from the Hoosier Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) for their efforts in promoting the summer Falls School of Business entrepreneurship camp for high school students. This is the second year the PRSA has offered a student category and awards were given in two areas: projects, and programs.

In two national polls, peers at Bible-based colleges and universities in the United States were asked, "if you were going to recommend a business school to your son or daughter, what school would you recommend?" The answer: Anderson University Falls School of Business.