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Alumni Council

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Letter from the Alumni Council President

Dear Friends:

I’m honored to be able to serve my alma mater as Alumni Council President.

I graduated from AU in 2003 with a political science degree. Anderson offered me ample opportunities to be an on-campus leader and put what I learned in the classroom into practice; I learned a lot about service from my time as a Resident Assistant and Student Body President. At this time in my life, I’m pleased to be able to use those leadership skills I honed when I was an undergrad as president of this organization.

These days, I’m living in Chicago and working as an attorney, but my time spent at AU made such an impact on me as a young man that I want to be a part of the AU experience as an adult. As president of the Alumni Council, I’d like to invite you to also reconnect to the campus that helped form who you are today. Perhaps you’d like to bring your family to Anderson for a Homecoming football game, or maybe you’ll join other alumni at a chapter meeting. The Alumni Office is constantly seeking mentors for students and young alums who are on the job search; maybe you would be an invaluable help to one of those young people. Hopefully you’ll take the time to join or the AU fan page on Facebook and reminisce with your old buddies from Chorale, a social club, or simply your grad year. There are countless ways to reconnect with this place. Discover what suits you best.

The Alumni Association and I eagerly await your participation in serving Anderson University this year and in the years to come.  Not only will you benefit from this, but our students and the university will prosper, too. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon.

Bryan Chapman BA ‘03
Alumni Council President