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Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Family Science

The Department of Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Family Science has strong community ties that provide students with numerous and wide-ranging internship and job opportunities at the local and national levels. Faculty are active in their fields, helping students see the practical application of their professions.

The department offers majors in each of the afore-mentioned disciplines as well as an associate's degree in criminal justice. Depending on their interests and areas of study, students are prepared to enter careers related to law enforcement; courts and corrections; victim advocacy and assistance; family services and youth programs; family life or parent education programs; leadership roles in church, school, and community; entry-level positions in government or business; and social work. The programs also provide a foundation for graduate study.

Majors Minors Associate of Arts

International Experience

Tri-S (Study, Serve, Share) is a university-sponsored program that sends students around the world in service and learning experiences. School sponsorship reduces the price of each trip to a fraction of the usual cost. Sociology students are encouraged to make wide use of the program. Given the diversity of the program, a student could be on a different continent each year. Recent trips have included traveling to Hong Kong to work in a hospital for the mentally ill, working at a church camp in Jamaica, building a church in Peru, tutoring kids at an inner city school in Brooklyn, N.Y., and serving the dying in Kolkata, India.

Direct Experience

Anderson University has developed a relationship with the Chicago Center, a center dedicated to studying urban life and problems. Many students each semester take weekend immersion trips to the center. Semester or summer courses and internships are also available through the center.


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