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General Studies

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General Studies

Anderson University offers a stand-alone general studies major leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree only. Students interested in pursuing the general studies major must have a plan of study approved by the dean of the College of Science and Humanities before admission to the major is granted. Students majoring in general studies must complete all liberal arts program requirements. Additionally, students must complete a concentration of courses in one subject area. The subject area may be broadly defined as courses in common disciplines (i.e. science, foreign language, business, etc.). Student proposals for the concentration must be submitted to the dean of the College of Science and Humanities for approval.


  • 40-58 hours of liberal arts program requirements
  • 30 hours in concentration area
Additional requirements for Bachelor of Arts degree:
  • at least 30 hours from upper-division courses
  • at least 60 hours completed at Anderson University
  • LART 4500

Contat Dr. Joel Shrock, Dean, School of Humanities

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