Anderson, Indiana

Risk Management

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Risk Management

Anderson University understands its moral commitment to protect faculty, staff and students and actively pursues the maintaining of a safe and healthy living and working environment. To ensure this priority, a campus crisis management team has been named and is charged with implementation of this plan. The plan is designed to facilitate calm, quick and effective responses during times that are by nature, frantic, stressful and tense.

Crises provide one of the most significant tests of an organization. How Anderson University manages crises is as much a reflection of the quality of our college as are our daily operations. AU must be prepared for a crisis before it happens. A state of readiness helps the University to be proactive, not reactive, in times of crisis.

The Risk Management Team (RMT) has been intentionally structured to include those individuals who have key decision-making authority for the University. The function of the RMT is not intended to supercede the established hierarchy of the University. However, crisis situation sometime create unusual and extenuating circumstances that require timely decisions. In these situations, the RMT, in consultation with the President whenever possible, will have reasonable latitude and responsibility to act with prudence.