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Guidelines and Instructions for the Matching Church Scholarship Program

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Guidelines and Instructions for the Matching Church Scholarship Program

Please read the guidelines and follow the instructions below to determine if a congregation would like to participate. Anderson University will match gifts up to $750 per semester (for a total of $1500 per school year) for each undergraduate student (12 hours or more). Churches from any denomination or independent congregation from any country can participate. When a church partners with AU, this can add up to $1500 per semester ($3000 per year) towards the student’s Financial Aid Package.

  • AU Encourages a Submission Deadline of April 1 – Annual Student Award Forms received by April 1 of the year preceding enrollment are assured a matching scholarship. After April 1, any match is dependent upon remaining funds available.  There is no cost to the church to enroll in the program.
  • Establish a local Church Scholarship Committee to promote the scholarship program in your church. The committee will also determine which students will receive funds, and the amount they receive per semester. Early action by the Church Scholarship Committee may make the difference between receiving and NOT receiving an Anderson University Matching Church Scholarship.
  • Since the IRS does not allow the use of the Matching Church Scholarship Program to channel funds from family members to AU students, all funds donated through this program must be from persons or sources that are “detached and of disinterested generosity” as defined by the IRS Regulations. Specifically, this means funds from a student’s parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles and aunts cannot be used to fund awards.

    Also, the IRS does not allow a charitable income tax deduction if a donor names a specific student to receive his/her contribution, nor can Anderson University provide matching funds to such targeted gifting.

Steps to Take

  1. Complete the one time Church Enrollment Form, have it signed by the pastor or authorized church official, and submit to Matching Church Scholarship Program, Anderson University, 1100 East 5th Street, Anderson, IN  46012.  
  2. We encourage the student and the church to work closely in completing this step. The Church Scholarship Committee or Pastor must complete, sign, and mail the Annual Student Award Form to Anderson University by April 1 if possible. This form is required each year for each student being supported by the church. Committees are encouraged to make equal awards to all participating students.  
  3. A Scholarship Certificate from Anderson University will be sent to each Church Scholarship Committee. We encourage congregations to publically present these certificates to inspire others to participate in helping to fund students’ educations through the Matching Church Scholarship Program.
  4. Increase the church’s scholarship account by encouraging donors who work for companies with corporate matching programs to donate directly to the church’s scholarship account at Anderson University.  The donor may not designate a specific student recipient, but may designate that his/her gift be placed in the church’s scholarship account. This money may be used for awards for students from his/her church which are determined by the scholarship committee. For more information about corporate matching programs, visit Employer Matching Gifts.

Questions concerning the program’s church account balance, student awards, and general information should be directed to Pam Glaze in Advancement Services by calling 1-800-421-1025, or by e-mailing You may also write to Matching Church Scholarship Program, Anderson University, 1100 East 5th Street, Anderson, IN  46012.