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Intercultural Studies

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Intercultural Studies


The Intercultural Studies complementary major is an interdisciplinary course of study integrating methodologies and perspectives from such disciplines as cultural anthropology, sociology, religion, linguistics, and psychology. This course of study will provide students with the knowledge and skills essential to living and working in an increasingly diverse and culturally connected world. The program is individually structured and builds on a primary catalog major. In addition to the required core courses, other courses are selected to focus on a thematic or a regional studies concentration. Students with interests in such areas as business, health care, social work, teaching, ministry, missions, and community development can formulate a program of study designed to support their academic and career objectives.

The development of this course of study will involve the active collaboration of the director of international and intercultural studies, the student, and a faculty advisor in the primary field of study. Students must obtain approval from the director of international and intercultural studies before embarking on this course of study.


Willi E. Kant
Director of the Center for International and Intercultural Studies



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