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Alumni Awards

Each year Anderson University recognizes alumni & friends who have truly exemplified the call to live a life of faith and service. These awards are aimed at recognizing the accomplishments of alumni & friends and their service to humanity and society. These awards are given every year and each has different selection criteria. Nominations are encouraged by all alumni, parents, and friends of the University.

Nominate today! Deadline is Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

Distinguished Alumni Award
Distinguished Young Alumni Award
Distinguished Service Award
John H. Kane Loyalty Award
Outstanding Music Alumni Award
Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Tim Hobbs - Distinguished Alumni Award Tim Hobbs, ’73 - Distinguished Alumni Award

Tim Hobbs, M.D., MBA, is chief physician executive for Community Health Network. He provides clinical leadership across a continuum of care that includes eight hospitals, more than 200 physician offices and ambulatory sites of care, along with home care services. Prior to being named Community’s chief physician executive, Dr. Hobbs served as the first CEO of Community Physicians of Indiana, now known as Community Physician Network, the state’s largest primary care medical group. He is an experienced family practice physician who began his career in 1981.

Prior to joining Community Physician Network as medical director in 2001, Dr. Hobbs had been a family practitioner with Anderson Family Health Specialists since 1992. He maintained family practices in Anderson from 1983 to 1992 and in Elwood for two years prior to that. Dr. Hobbs served as chief of family practice, medical staff president and chief of staff for Community Hospital Anderson, and was medical director for MedPrime Anderson, LLC, between 1997 and 2003. He also served as a member of Community’s board of directors from 1989 to 1998.

Dr. Hobbs earned an undergraduate degree from Anderson University in 1974 and graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine four years later. He completed his residency at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie. In 2004, he earned a master’s in business administration from Anderson University. He is board certified with the American Academy of Family Practice.

“As a first generation college student from a small town, I was sometimes filled with self-doubt that I would accomplish my dream to be a physician. Anderson University provided a nurturing environment that allowed me to grow and develop the capabilities and confidence needed to pursue my ambitious goals. I was provided the academic excellence and rigor, along with the personal support and direction from a dedicated faculty. At AU I found a cosmopolitan student body and faculty with an emphasis on the foundation of Christian faith that permitted me to personally grow. This is where I learned the meaning of service, tolerance and compassion. I found myself extremely well prepared for my medical training, especially when I applied my training of service to my patients during my nearly 20 years as a family physician. When I was asked to assume a leadership role I quickly learned that new skills and perspectives would be needed. Twenty nine years after graduating from AU I enrolled in the Falls School of Business to pursue my MBA. I found the same academic excellence and rigor along with personal support. A fundamental emphasis on service and making a difference in people's lives was a theme that was consistent with my undergraduate experience: only this time it was through the application of business principles. My experiences at AU played a positive role in my development. If I had more space and time I would express my gratitude to a whole list of individuals.”
-Tim Hobbs

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Travis Taflinger & Casey Cline - Distinguished Young Alumni AwardTravis Taflinger, '04 & Casey Cline, '03 - Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Bridges Outreach a large nonprofit in Kokomo, Indiana, exists to bridge communities, schools, and churches through programming that feeds, tutors, and mentors at-risk youth. Bridges Outreach creates windows of opportunity for youth with hopes of developing each student academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Bridges has won the 2008 Indiana Youth Investment Award (from IYI), the 2011 Indiana Achievement Award and the 2014 Faith and community Action Award.

Casey Cline is the co-founder & CFO of Bridges Outreach and is the director of the Central middle school program. He has had that position for ten years and has served over 1,000 youth after school. Casey has also been named Kokomo's top 20 adult leaders under the age of forty. Casey has also served as youth pastor of First Church of God for three years, founded City2:42 (a new church plant in Kokomo), leads the Kokomo Youth Leaders Roundtable, serves on The Crossing (alternative school) Board of Directors, co-leads the Howard County Youth Summit, and serves on the Awakening Community Board (Great Banquet/Walk to Emmaus for youth). In addition to the many places he serves he also leads a weekly Bible study for youth and houses anywhere from 2-4 teenage boys in his home full-time. Two years ago he bought a bigger home so he could help house teenage boys from Bridges who need a place to stay. The key to Casey's success is loyalty and dedication to serve Christ. He strives to build as many relationships as he can to further the Kingdom of God.

Travis Taflinger is the director of the Kokomo High School (BTC) program.

“Anderson University was a special place for me and helped me develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. I went to AU to play basketball and become an athletic trainer, but during my sophomore year a Chapel speaker that came for "Impact your World" week really challenged me to give my entire self to Christ. I felt God was calling me to take a year off and go through a program called Mission Year. After serving in Chicago for a year and growing closer to Christ I developed a passion for youth who were growing up without the same opportunities I received. Consequently, I changed my major to elementary education and started volunteering and working at the Anderson Boys & Girls Club. It was there that I gained the passion, skills and experience to create and manage Bridges Outreach in Kokomo, IN. AU helped me find a great support team (wife & friends) that continue to be a huge part of my life and journey with Christ. I'm so thankful for my education and real-life experience I received at AU to help me grow as a Christian!”
– Travis Taflinger

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Greg Heberling - Distinguished Service AwardGreg Heberling - Distinguished Service Award

Professor Greg Heberling joined the Falls School of Business as a professor in 1978. Since that time, he has inspired countless students who have passed through the School of Business, as well as the surrounding community of Anderson. Heberling earned his MBA with an emphasis in economics from Ball State University and had taught economics, business law and business plan development at AU. He was also an entrepreneur whose ventures included restaurant development in Anderson, Muncie, Fort Wayne and Warsaw. He had assisted numerous entrepreneurs in developing business plans, one of which landed him an appearance on NBC's "Today Show."

In 2011, he wrote, "The saying 'It takes a village' is no longer a cliché for the Entrepreneur students at Anderson University; it has become a part of their reality. They are humbled at the willingness of a community of people to come together to help create an event they had no stake in. You can bet that one day these students will offer their services to help a struggling group to pull off an event that is bigger than the group could handle on their own; it is in their blood."

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Deanna Edwards - John H. Kane Loyalty AwardDeanna Edwards, '65 - John H. Kane Loyalty Award

Deanna Edwards has a servant's heart. This servanthood has been reflected in her role as AU's "First Lady" and in her commitments to community, in her love for children, in her devotion to her Church, and in her friendships. She has served as a warm and gracious hostess to countless student groups, to faculty and staff, and to campus guests. She has shown interest and support in student endeavors with her frequent presence at sports events, concerts, art exhibits, dramas and dance recitals, Chapel and other university functions. Deanna has served her community by her spirit of advocacy, and her active role in many community organizations. She has been an advocate for children, serving as program director for children for Women's Alternative. She has volunteered for Silent Blessings, a ministry for the deaf community, and she has been active on the Mayor's Commission on Domestic Violence. She has served the Church by her leadership of Kids' Place, a profound ministry the children of those attending the North American Church of God Convention in Anderson. Deanna was trained as an elementary teacher, and served children with her love and creativity inside her classroom in Ohio in the years becoming AU's First Lady.

With her love for children and her expertise in Christian Education for children, Deanna has had a significant ministry to the church. For many years she has volunteered as a teacher in Godly Play, a creative approach to Biblical story-telling for children. She served on the Guiding Committee for the Park Place CHildren's Center, reflecting her advocacy for children to be safely cared for. Finally, Deanna has served others as a friend. Her warmth, her graciousness, and her spirit of encouragement have touched many hearts. She is a woman of faith whose light shines for AU, for Community, for Children, for the Church, and for many friends.

“I have always loved nurturing growth, and because I have had many opportunities to experience and to share growth while at AU -- in myself, students, family and friends -- I will be a grateful and loyal Raven forevermore. My alma mater, literally translated “my nourishing or soul mother,” is this university. I love being a part of the great story we share. Greater still is the hope we have for all generations who come here to experience this “nurturing mother.” I pray AU will continue to offer transforming experiences which help us all discover a call to service in this world. I’m all in!”
-Deanna Edwards

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Jay Rouse - Outstanding Music Alumni AwardJay Rouse - Outstanding Music Alumni Award

Jay has been described as “ …a keyboard artist with great finesse and expertise along with the humility of a man whose life reflects a sincere passion for Christ.” What is obvious to the ear is the finesse and expertise of his craft. What is obvious to the heart is the passion with which he creates and delivers these beautiful melodies.

Jay has enjoyed a brilliant career as a keyboard artist and has served as accompanist for many Christian artists. He currently travels with Sandi Patty as music director and accompanist. His piano books have been enthusiastically received by pianists across the nation. Jay is the vice president for publishing at Praise Gathering Music Group. He has composed some of the top-selling choral anthems in the past few years and has become one of the leading arrangers, orchestrators, and producers in Christian music publishing. He oversees the creative development of new publications for Praise Gathering Music Group with the Gaither Music Company.

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Hannah Scott - Legacy Scholarship RecipientHannah Scott - Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Hannah is a current freshman at Anderson University. She is the daughter of Troy Scott ’89 and Beth Scott ’92. Hannah graduated from Northridge High School in Middlebury, Indiana in 2015.

“I'm confident that AU can help me reach my goals as a performer and more importantly my goal of becoming a well-rounded person that makes a positive contribution. Leo Tolstoy said, "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Our world would be a better place to live if each of us focused on changing ourselves and becoming well rounded people. AU will help me become that kind of person by helping me develop positive traits like hard work, determination, and perseverance. Developing these traits will be important for me as I will be a double majoring in Journalism and Musical Theatre. I know majoring in music is demanding. Music majors take 1 or 2 hour classes that have the workload of a 3 or 4 hour class and adding a journalism major means even more determination, perseverance, and hard work. AU will also help me become a critical thinker. I know critical thinking is important at a liberal arts school. I know from my parents that AU's goal isn't just to teach me what to think but how to think critically about issues. My experience at AU will teach me to think for myself and not to always believe the general opinion. When considering the problems facing our world, critical thinking helps discover solutions to those problems. The third way Anderson will help me become a well-rounded person is the value they place on community while being surounded by a diverse group' of people. I'm glad AU requires students to live in on campus housing for 3 years. This helps students with a wide variety of backgrounds learn how to become a diverse community. One of the challenges communities around the world face, including my own, is appreciating differences in others and being willing to live in community with people different than ourselves. I'm looking forward to being stretched in this area of my life. I'm confident AU will help me become this kind of well-rounded person. Spending four years at AU will help me change myself and become a great contribution to the world and community I live in beyond college.”
-Hannah Scott