Anderson, Indiana

School of Theology Facilities

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School of Theology Facilities

The School of Theology Building

The School of Theology building was constructed in 1961 and extensively remodeled in 1974. In 1989, the School of Theology was connected to the Robert A. Nicholson University Library. The School of Theology building houses administration and faculty offices, classrooms, a student lounge, and other facilities important to the educational environment.
  • Adam W. Miller Chapel: The Adam W. Miller Chapel was opened in 1974 as a sanctuary for the worship of God. It provides a functional worship context for seminary training with spiritual insight as well as academic rigor. Chapel is held weekly throughout the academic year in this facility.
  • Robert A. Nicholson University Library: The former undergraduate Wilson Library and the School of Theology Byrd Library were combined in 1989 for creating an extensive library resource essential to effective ministerial education. The Robert A. Nicholson University Library collections include periodicals and books directly supporting graduate theological programs. The library holds membership in the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and the Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority (INCOLSA) and participates in Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), a nationally shared bibliographic data network. The School of Theology is physically connected to the main university library.
  • Church of God Archives: The archives of the Church of God (Anderson, Ind.), together with the archives of Anderson University and Charles E. Wilson, are housed in a separate area within the Robert A. Nicholson University Library, under the direction of the archivist. The Church of God archives provide a resource for ministers and scholars researching the heritage of the Church of God.
  • Gustav Jeeninga Museum of Bible and Near Eastern Studies: This teaching museum houses a large collection of artifacts from ancient Near Eastern cultures. The museum exhibits artifacts ranging from 3000 BCE to 200 CE. These exhibits consist of authentic pieces, such as cuneiform texts, pottery, seals, and coins, and replicas of major artifacts, including the Shalmenesar Obelisk, Mesha Stele, Hammurabi Law Code, Rosetta Stone, Sennecherib Prism, Gilgamesh Epic, and the Siloam Inscription. The museum displays a large collection of authentic pottery from the Bronze Age settlement of Bad edh-Dhra, located in modern day Jordan.
  • Wrather Communication Lab: The School of Theology maintains a lab with audio and video equipment for assisting students in developing communication skills for preaching and teaching.
  • Computer Lab: A fully equipped, 8-station computer lab is available for the exclusive use of School of Theology students. Internet and on-line services, along with the full package of software, provide students with up-to-date technical services.

Anderson University Facilities

The School of Theology benefits from being part of Anderson University. Through this relationship, our students may make full use of Anderson University's extensive educational services and recreational facilities. These include the Kardatzke Wellness Center, lounges, swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium, athletic field and track, Center for Educational Technology, Kissinger Learning Center, Reardon Auditorium for the performing arts, post office, AU bookstore, Olt Student Center, snack bar, The Krannert Fine Arts Center, Byrum Hall for theatrical presentation, and many other services and facilities.