Anderson, Indiana

Majors / Minors

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Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Family Science

MajorsMinorsAssociate of Arts

Description of Majors

Criminal Justice (33 hours)

The criminal justice major enables students to enter employment in fields related to law enforcement, courts and corrections, victim advocacy and assistance, and also provides a foundation for graduate study. Coursework focuses on preparation in the social science of criminology and criminal justice. Two internship experiences are also required to allow students to experience firsthand the daily routine and challenges of working within the criminal justice system. Internships also provide the opportunity for students to explore career options.

Family Science (50-51 hours)

The Family Science program prepares students for careers in a variety of human service areas. Key content areas include human development, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, internal dynamics of families, parent-child relationships, and family processes such as communication, moral development, decision-making, family resource management, and problem-solving.

Sociology (33 hours)

The sociology major provides a strong liberal arts preparation for entry-level positions throughout the fields of business, social service, and government, as well as for graduate study. In addition to studying such substantive areas as family, crime, race and ethnicity, and social problems, students also learn about the theories and methods utilized in this scientific study of society.

Social Work (64 hours)

The social work major is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and prepares students to become generalist social work practitioners in entry-level human service positions or for graduate study in social work. Graduates are eligible to apply for credentialing as beginning-level social work practitioners in most states. Students must apply to this program.

Description of Minors

Criminal Justice (18 hours)

The criminal justice minor provides applied expertise through coursework in this area.

Sociology (17 hours)

The sociology minor includes a variety of courses, including Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Social Research, and Social Theory and Practice.

Family Science (18 hours)

The family science minor provides a foundation in family science.

Description of Associates Degree

Associates of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice (62 hours)

The Associates of Arts degree is a two-year program designed for students pursuing careers in criminal justice as well as for individuals already employed in the field. The curriculum provides foundational courses in criminal justice and approximately half of the hours for the four-year Bachelor of Arts program.