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Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures

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Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures offers an academically challenging program. Students spend a minimum of six credit hours or an entire semester studying abroad. Financial aid may be applied to their study—something many colleges do not allow. Through foreign study experience, Tri-S trips, and local opportunities, foreign language students leave AU with a thorough education and a global awareness.

A major in Spanish offers students a triple focus: language, culture, and literature. After successful completion, majors will be equipped to comprehend and interpret written and spoken language, express themselves in the written and spoken word of that language, have a fundamental understanding of the literature and civilizations of the countries represented by their target language, and value other cultures as responsible global citizens. Students are prepared linguistically for graduate study as well as careers in education, health care, social services, missionary service, law enforcement, business, or public service.

  • Spanish
  • Spanish (complementary major)
  • Spanish Teaching
  • French
  • Spanish

Career Opportunities

The study of foreign languages is a growing field in the area of humanities and in the business and social work worlds. The need for individuals with language and cultural knowledge is growing daily. Recent AU graduates are employed as teachers in secondary schools throughout the U.S. and abroad. Others are serving in a variety of agencies, business enterprises or in the mission field. The modern foreign languages and cultures faculty at AU stand ready to assist students in identifying and pursuing career opportunities to serve God and humankind.

International Experience

AU provides summer, semester, and full-year studies worldwide through a variety of programs. Participants study literature, fine arts, and the social sciences, as well as take language courses at respected universities. Best of all, students have the opportunity to become immersed in the language and lifestyle of the people, learning the way they think and act. Students return home with much greater fluency in the target language and a host of unforgettable experiences.

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