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Sports-Related Interest Clubs

Tue, 2012-07-24 10:13 -- univcomm

Sports-Related Interest Clubs

Student organizations that fall under this category do so because they are especially unique.  They are sports-related clubs that are not connected with our athletic department.

The following are Sports-Related Interest Clubs:

AU Cheerleading Squad
The Ultimate objective of the Anderson University cheerleading squad is to promote school spirit, support school athletics and to serve as ambassadors for the school through involvement in the AU community.

AU Men's LaCrosse

  • Advisor: Christina Merckx
  • Student Contact: Kyle McClurig

Anderson Rugby Football Club
The purpose statement of the Anderson Rugby Football Club, hereafter called  A.R.F.C., is to further the intentions of our founding member and to incorporate the ideas of our current membership. Rugby players at Anderson are involved in the sport of Rugby in order to test our own athleticism, to further the international presence of Rugby in the world, and to foster positive Christian relationships between our members.

Men’s Volleyball Club
As a school affiliated volleyball club, we wish to use the talents and skills that we have acquired to honor God and our school through play against other schools and to each other through cooperation on a team sport. We will strive to show Christ's love through teamwork, sportsmanship, and a common brotherhood.

  • Student Contact: Dalton Cox