Staff Employment Information

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Anderson University is a church related, liberal arts college and offers a variety of professional and support staff employment opportunities. Persons interested in university employment must be supportive of the university's mission to provide quality education in a Christian environment.

Anderson University is an equal opportunity employer.

To review current employment opportunities, call our JobLine at (765) 641-3030 or view open positions on our website.

Anderson University has a variety of professional and support staff positions.

  • Administrative Staff are responsible for a department or subdivision and perform work directly related to management policies or general business operations.
  • Clerical Staff perform recordkeeping and records management functions including data entry, bookkeeping, and student records.
  • General Office Staff perform secretarial, receptionist, or other office functions to support academic or administrative offices.
  • Management Staff are responsible for specific functions such as mail services or supervisors in the physical plant, under the general direction of an administrator.
  • Professional Staff are responsible for academic support, student service and institution support activities such as accountants, systems analysts, coaches, admissions counselors or public relations.
  • Technical Staff positions require specialized knowledge such as computer programming, law enforcement, or electronics.
  • Service/Maintenance Staff perform housekeeping, grounds keeping or trades helper functions in the Physical Plant. Skilled Trades Staff positions require training/experience in carpentry, HVAC or plumbing sufficient to maintain commercial and residential facilities.
  • The University Food Service and Bookstore are contracted services and should be contacted directly about employment opportunities.
    University Food Service: (765) 641-4260
    University Bookstore: (765) 641-4150

Persons interested in employment at Anderson University must complete a staff application. Microsoft Word format (fill in, save and/or print) or a PDF format (print or fill in and print only) or by calling (765) 641-4132.

AcrobatIn order to view and print the PDF version of the Staff Application you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Anderson University does not maintain unsolicited resumes for persons who have not completed a staff application. Unsolicited resumes will be returned. Submission of resume or other biographical information via e-mail does not necessarily mean and should in no way be construed as establishing oneself as an applicant. A university employment application must be submitted.

At the time of employment, staff will also need to complete tax forms and the federal employment eligibility form (I9).

Completed applications will be kept active for six months. Persons with an active application may express interest in an open position by e-mail or by calling the Staff JobLine at (765) 641-3030.