Anderson, Indiana

Professional Portfolios

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Professional Portfolios

Majors in the Falls School of Business are encouraged (and marketing majors are required) to prepare a professional portfolio documenting experiences, academic, co-curricular and other activities that have led to the professional development of the student while in college.

A portfolio becomes a valuable tool to demonstrate to prospective employers the quality work that has been completed and the experiences that contributed to the student's employability. Students can use the portfolio as a creative tool to share academic, leadership, work, and service experiences while at Anderson University.

The portfolio can include:

  • Research papers
  • Class projects
  • Write-ups of leadership in student organizations
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Write-up of Tri-S experiences
  • Write-up of lessons learned from part-time jobs
  • Summary of lessons from internship experiences
  • Personal and professional strategic plan
  • Summary of professional development experiences and networking efforts
  • Anything that can help sell you to a prospective employer!