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Tri-S: Experience of a Lifetime

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Parent Resources

Tri-S: Experience of a Lifetime

When your child first came to Anderson University, you were most likely informed of a program we call Tri-S. In this "Parent Resources" section, we wanted to highlight this superb program and encourage you to talk to your child about the wonderful opportunities available through Tri-S.

According to the program's mission statement, "Tri-S is a unique international and cross-cultural program that, by integrating service and learning, fosters spiritual, academic, and personal growth." Tri-S stands for Study, Serve, and Share. Over 400 AU students travel throughout the United States and around the globe each year through this program. Tri-S trips start at just $120, while overseas trips can average around $1000. The experiences, though, are priceless. The program offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences for AU students, bringing about cultural awareness and making a difference in our world.

There are three types of trips offered to students. Our students can choose between service projects, work camps, and cultural trips ... each one offering unique experiences and opportunities.

 "Tri-S was one of the best decisions I ever made while at Anderson. What I saw, experienced, and felt during that short time, will forever be with me and impact my life and my ministry," said Erin, an AU student who attended the Jamaica Work Camp. Rachel, another student who went on the Tri-S trip to Italy this past Winter Break commented, "Being immersed in a new culture with a group of your own peers was an opportunity that does not come along that often. This was my first Tri-S experience, and I cannot believe I waited until my Junior year to go on a trip."

This spring students will be taking trips to Kentucky, Washington D.C., Honduras, London, Guatemala, and a number of other locations throughout the world. In April, the Tri-S trips for the 2012-2013 school year will be released and students can begin signing up for those trips.

If you would like to learn more about the Tri-S program you can visit their website here. You can also read more about its history here.  Check out another article on a recent Tri-S trip.

The Tri-S experience has been a favorite among AU students for many years. According to Tri-S brochure, "Students participate in Tri-S to study, serve, and share. What they receive is the experience of a lifetime."