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Cheap Entertainment on Campus

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Cheap Entertainment on Campus

Some of you may have heard your student talk about "Cheap Thrills" or "Encore" and have had some questions about what these shows are. Cheap Thrills and Encore are two student-run events put on four times each year by male social clubs. Both shows cost $3 to attend but patrons can buy a combined ticket for $5 to attend both shows.

Cheap Thrills, a sketch comedy show dating back to the 70's, is performed largely by members of the men's service and social club, Dativus. Encore, however, showcases the campus' musical talent in an American Idol-type show. Both events have historically been very popular among the student body, with the audience typically ranging from 800 to 1200 people. Upcoming shows are highly anticipated and create quite a buzz around campus.

Encore was founded in January, 2009, Avanti Boosters, a men's service and social club at Anderson University. This is the oldest of all clubs on AU's campus, with 75 years of service, tradition and brotherhood. Students audition for the show performing hits from the radio, all from a chosen theme.

During the 2009-2010 school year the themes were "60s/70s", "Soundtrack", "90s" and "Chart Toppers." All the proceeds go to an annually selected charity. 2009-2010 shows raised about $5000 and that money went to the Mulunda Miaka Orphanage in Zambia. During the 2010-2011 school year, the themes were "80s", "Greatest Hits", "Soundtrack" and "2000s." The money raised that year was over $3500 and went to a local organization called the Exodus House that is a half-way house started by AU alumni Steve Sipka and Isaac Horwedel.

Proceeds from the Cheap Thrills comedy shows are also donated to different  charitable organizations. In the past these organizations have included Bound, a student-led organization at Anderson University advocating on behalf of victims of human trafficking, and Operation Foundation, an local organization formed by Anderson University student Alyssa Schermerhorn aimed at cleaning up Anderson neighborhoods.

It is events like Cheap Thrills and Encore that make AU such a special place. They give students a cheap, fun and safe place to be entertained by their fellow classmates.