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Youth Leadership-Development

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Youth Leadership-Development Major

Young people need adults who can appreciate the developmental changes in their lives and who care about the variety of contexts in which they live. Anderson University offers two valuable programs to work with today’s youth. The youth leadership development major is part of the Department of Psychology and provides students with the training to help youth develop the knowledge and skills needed for social interactions, such as assertiveness training, building and maintaining healthy relationships, and developing effective communication techniques. It is a complementary major that can be paired with another major relevant to a student’s career desires.

The courses in the youth leadership development major offer a multi-disciplinary approach to both theory and practice for dealing with current issues in the lives of youth in American culture. The youth leadership and development major is a valuable complement to such majors as youth ministries, sociology, social work, criminal justice, family science, psychology, and other majors involving interaction with youth. This major is also an excellent complement for students who enjoy working with youth but whose careers will be in fields that may not involve interaction with youth.

Students working toward a youth leadership development major also complete a practicum and an internship. In the practicum, students train other AU students by using the skills they have learned. In the internship, students apply these skills in a real-world setting, working directly with youth.

Youth Leadership-Development Courses (28 hours):

  • PSYC 2000: General Psychology
  • PSYC 2100: Interpersonal Relations
  • PSYC 2510: Developmental Psychology
  • SOCI 2120: Courtship and Marriage
  • EDUC/PSYC/SOCI 2850: Practicum in Leadership Skills
  • SOCI 3100: Human Sexuality
  • SOCI 3150: Family Diversity
  • PSYC 4210: Capstone: Psychological Issues for Youth
  • EDUC/PSYC/SOCI 4800: Internship in Youth Leadership

For full requirements and course descriptions, please see the Anderson University Undergraduate Catalog.

"Private Christian colleges seem to be a dime a dozen, but when it comes to AU, one thing that stands out is that they offer both psychology and Christian ministries-related courses. A lot of people look at those two as being opposite forces, but AU embraces both. I took an assertiveness skills course at AU and a related internship where two other psychology students and I taught life skills to a resident at the Christian Center in Anderson. It was partly for our betterment, learning to teach these skills, but there was also a community service component to that as well." — Brian Hart, 2008 Grad.


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