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Residence Life Staff

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Residence Life Staff

Resident Directors work with the Resident Assistants to develop relationships with students to create and maintain a healthy living, learning environment. Each residence hall has a full-time Resident Director who is responsible for supervising the housing facility.

Terry Blackford
Resident Director, Dunn Hall
Dunn Hall
Ext. 4210 (765) 641-4210
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Erinn Bridgman
Resident Director, Morrison Hall
Morrison Hall
Ext. 4212 (765) 641-4212
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Alexis Gentry
Resident Director, Fair Commons
Fair Commons
(765) 648-2814
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Rudy Lyon
Resident Director, Smith Hall
Smith Hall
Ext. 4207 (765) 641-4207
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Maggie Platt
Resident Director, Martin Hall
Martin Hall
Ext. 4208 (765) 641-4208
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Betsy Reiff
Resident Director, Rice Hall
Rice Hall
Ext. 4209 (765) 641-4209
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Tamara Dreger Shelton
Assistant Dean for Residence Life and Spiritual Direction
Decker 209
Ext. 4192 (765) 641-4192
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