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Lil' Sibs Weekend

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Lil' Sibs Weekend

Every February during one special weekend one can walk around the Anderson University campus and see a wonderful sight:  AU students walking through the valley and to events with their little brother, sister, or cousin (many of whom might also be future AU Ravens). Each year the Campus Activities Board (CAB) sponsors “Lil’ Sibs Weekend” to give students a chance to let their younger siblings, cousins, or other family members come visit for a weekend and see what it’s like to live on a college campus while having some fun with their older brother or sister. This year’s Lil’ Sibs Weekend is February 10-12. There are many exciting and fun events to attract siblings of all ages during that weekend. On Friday night the social club, Dativus, puts on a comedy show called Cheap Thrills appropriate for all ages, that brings laughter from across the auditorium. Immediately following, the social club, Novus Dux, is hosting a midnight skating event. Saturday is also full of special meals, a Men’s Basketball game, and open swimming. Saturday night another social club, Avanti Boosters, puts on a spectacular Lil’ Sibs Weekend-ending performance with their singing entertainment show, Encore. This weekend is built around giving the special visitors a full “AU experience.” It proves to be a weekend to remember not only for the younger siblings, but also for those here at AU.  Sophomore Lil' Sibs Weekend was a great experience because it gave me a chance to show my family where I live and study. It was a great opportunity to show my little siblings what college can be like and give them something to aspire to.”

If you have younger children or nieces and nephews, feel free to check out the full schedule and the FAQ’s section for Lil’ Sibs weekend here. CAB is also offering a special package for $10 that includes a T-shirt, tickets to Cheap Thrills, Encore, and Late-Night Skate (skate rental not included) as well as admission to the Men’s Basketball game.  Every year, this is an amazing and fun weekend on AU’s campus.  No matter the age of the AU student or the brother or sister, I suggest you throw the idea out to your AU student. Many “Lil’ Sibs” love having the opportunity to visit the other sibling they miss. Hanging out with the “big kids” for a weekend is a big treat for which many look forward to each year. These special, fun memories usually last a lifetime.