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Department of History and Political Science

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History and Political Science Majors

History (34 hours)

The history major stresses the historical and scientific approach; to give the student an understanding of the origin and development of civilization, past and present. Courses equip students with the necessary tools to evaluate present trends; and to prepare for intelligent and active citizenship, for teaching and related professions and for graduate study.

Political Science (34 hours)

The political science program is designed to offer students an opportunity to examine both domestic and international politics, political philosophy, public policy, and the law. Courses acquaint students with methods of analysis and useful resources for studying political structures, thought and behavior. Majors in political science typically pursue careers in law, government service, journalism and teaching.

Political Science - Economics (41 hours)

The major in political science–economics combines work in these two disciplines and is intended to prepare students for work and further study in the field of political economy. Specific courses will acquaint students with the basic principles of both political science and economics and will prepare them to undertake detailed studies of a range of topics in both domestic and international fields of study. They will be equipped to evaluate the relationships of these two closely related fields to societal structures, thought, and behavior.

Social Studies Teaching (50 hours)

The social studies teaching major is designed for students wanting to teach social studies at the middle-school or high-school level. Students must complete specific courses in three teaching fields and in professional education. The required teaching fields are historical perspectives; government and citizenship; and a third area chosen from sociology, economics, and psychology. In addition to these requirements, students pursuing a teaching major must also meet additional requirements listed in the School of Education section of this catalog.

History and Political Science Minors

History (15 hours)

The history minor requires at least eight hours from advanced history courses, which may include courses such as Historical Inquiry, Development of American Thought, Renaissance and Reformation, Women in the World, Middle East, A World of Religions, Issues in Social Studies, History of Christianity, and many more.

Political Science (15 hours)

The political science minor requires at least eight hours from advanced political science courses, which may include courses such as History of Political Thought, Constitutional Law, Political Behavior, The Presidency, American Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics and Government, and many more.

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Women's Studies (15 hours)

An interdisciplinary minor focusing on the historical, cultural, political, and economic roles of women both nationally and globally. Emphasis is also placed on women’s issues as they affect the individual and the family.