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Faculty and Student Organizations

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Faculty and Student Organizations

Faculty Committees

Academic Cabinet
The Academic Cabinet acts on behalf of the faculty of the School of Theology in regard to student petitions and other academic matters judged to be manageable within standing faculty guidelines. When major issues arise involving academic policy formation or alteration, the Academic Cabinet serves the faculty as a vehicle of initial hearing and refinement en route to full faculty consideration.

Admissions and Academic Standards Committee
The Admissions and Academic Standards Committee is administratively responsible for processing student applications for admission. This committee is also responsible for reviewing student academic progress and for monitoring the progress of students experiencing difficulty in academic work.

Assessment and Nurture Committee
The Assessment and Nurture Committee oversees the professional development of students through assessment of their attitudes and personalities upon entrance to the seminary and comparative assessment prior to graduation. The committee attempts to guide and nurture the personal and professional development of students by sharing results of the assessment and referring students to resources for facilitating their professional and personal growth.

Chapel and Spiritual Life Committee
The Chapel and Spiritual Life Committee plans and maintains chapel programming and other events for cultivating the spiritual life of members of the seminary community.

Doctor of Ministry Studies Committee
This committee is responsible for developing, maintaining, administering, and evaluating the Doctor of Ministry degree program. The committee is chaired by the director of the Doctor of Ministry Studies Program; other members include the dean and two faculty members jointly appointed by the dean and the director for terms of two years beginning June 1 of each year. The terms are staggered, one appointment each year.

Faculty Affairs Committee
The Anderson University Faculty Affairs Committee provides a roundtable for faculty and administration to exchange information and opinions regarding the faculty or particular individuals within it. The committee advises on specific needs or problems referred to it by the faculty of the university or the School of Theology, individual members of these faculties, or the administration of the university or seminary.

Faculty Development Committee
This committee's role is to be informed on the opportunities for professional development and to advise the dean of the School of Theology on related policies, issues, and events. It annually determines the priority needs and consequent distribution of available resources to the faculty as a whole, to groups within the faculty, or to individual members of the faculty for development purposes. The committee is responsible for developing guidelines for the annual distribution of available funds and communicating these to the seminary faculty.

Financial Aid and Awards Committee
The Financial Aid and Awards Committee administers the funds allocated for awards and student financial aid according to standing guidelines. This committee administers the Boyce W. Blackwelder Seminary Tuition Fund, various endowment and grant funds for student aid, and several annual awards.

Library Advisory Committee
The Anderson University Library Advisory Committee provides advice to the administration regarding the policies maintained and services provided by the library.

Promotion and Tenure Review Committee
This committee serves in an advisory capacity with the dean of the School of Theology in matters of faculty evaluation and promotion. It also serves as a hearing committee in any matter related to the discontinuance of a School of Theology faculty member.


Community Life

Seminary Community Council
The Seminary Community Council is the vehicle through which the School of Theology plans its common life of fellowship and service. Task groups implement corporate expressions of witness and service, devotional, social, recreational, and publication activities.

Women in Ministry
Women in Ministry provides opportunities for women to become an integral part of the seminary community, to relate with all individuals within the community, to reflect on what it means to be a woman and a minister in the church, and to explore and communicate crucial issues regarding individuals in ministry.