Anderson, Indiana


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Degree Programs

The Anderson University School of Theology offers a number of graduate seminary degree programs, including:

Doctor of MinistryMaster of DivinityMaster of Theological Studies
Master of Arts in Intercultural ServiceOnline Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

The faculty of the Anderson University School of Theology takes the development of the seminary degree programs seriously. The faculty regularly assesses all degree programs to ensure they respond to the expressed needs of the church and of students desiring preparation for a wide range of Christian ministries.

The seminary faculty evaluates degree programs not from Ivory Tower seats, but from ongoing life experiences in ministry beyond the classroom. Faculty have an understanding of ministry through personal involvement in the local church, international travel and teaching, their own ongoing spiritual formation, and serving as mentors for students and pastors across the world. These broad ranges of experiences help the faculty design and evaluate all degrees in light of Christian vocation that is biblically based, theologically and historically positioned, and experience tested in the performance of ministry. Whether through a book read, classroom interaction, or a field education experience, the DMin and masters degrees of Anderson University School of Theology will prepare you for a life of service to the church and society.