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Other Required Information

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Before admission, the immunizations listed below must be documented by a health-care provider on the Immunization Record Form and submitted to

  1. Rubella (German Measles) — One dose of vaccine OR a positive titer.
  2. Rubeola (Measles) — Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1957, must show proof of two measles vaccinations OR a positive titer OR history of having had the disease.
  3. Mumps — Immunization OR a positive titer OR history of having had the disease.
  4. Tetanus and Diphtheria — Primary series in childhood.
  5. Tetanus — Booster within past ten years is required.
  6. Polio — Primary series in childhood:
    • If vaccinated but unable to provide proof, the student must provide documentation of one polio injection (IPV).
    • If the student was never vaccinated for polio, the student must provide documentation of completing a series of three polio injections over the period of six months.
  7. Chicken Pox — Must have history of having had the disease OR positive Varicella antibody OR documentation of two doses of Varicella vaccine.
  8. Tuberculosis screening — An updated negative Mantoux test is required annually. If there is a past history of a positive PPD, a chest x-ray is required and annual positive PPD record.
  9. Hepatitis B Vaccine — Three doses OR positive antibody required.

CPR Certification

Clinical experiences require that students be prepared in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest:

  1. Each nursing student must hold a valid and current CPR certification for Basic Life Support for Professionals from the American Heart Association. Certification from Red Cross is not acceptable.
  2. A copy of the current CPR certification, valid for the academic year, must be provided prior to admission.
  3. Students failing to comply may be excluded from classes. Requirement

Sponsoring health-care agencies now require all students enrolled in courses to have a criminal background check, urine drug screen, and the immunizations listed above.