Anderson, Indiana

Majors / Minors

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Department of Kinesiology

  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Science
  • Physical Education Teaching (K-12)
  • Health Teaching License (6-12)
  • Athletic Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Education (Non-teaching)

Kinesiology Majors

Athletic Training (56 hours)

The Athletic Training major includes a rigorous academic program coupled with extensive clinical experiences under the supervision of certified athletic trainers. Students spend one year of directed observation before applying to the ATEP program. Students will achieve competence and skill in prevention, recognition, management, care, and rehabilitation of injuries in settings that include university and high school athletic teams, a rehabilitation clinic, physician offices, orthopedic surgery, and an emergency room.

Exercise Science (49 hours)

The Exercise Science major provides a mixture of laboratory courses and practical experiences preparing students to understand and apply scientific principles to human movement. Students prepare for careers in fitness training, wellness, adult fitness/cardiac rehab, strength and conditioning of athletes, clinical exercise physiology, and scientific research. Students are required to perform a minimum of 120 hours of practical experience through leadership in campus-based exercise and human performance testing, and an off-campus internship.

Physical Education Teaching - K-12 (49 hours)

PETE prepares students to teach physical education to grades kindergarten through 12. Students experience a range of activity, pedagogy, and field-based courses to help them acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to become effective physical educators in public or private schools. Students can take a cluster of health classes to add a health certification to their teaching license. To be eligible for teacher licensure, PETE students complete classes in both physical education and in education, including passing the Praxis exams. Modeling a physically active lifestyle and maintaining high levels of fitness are the marks of a serious PETE major.

Health Teaching License - 6-12 (27-30 hours)

Students who are earning a primary teaching certification in physical education may wish to add a second teaching certification in health.To do so, a student may take a cluster of courses that seek to meet the national standards for health education. They must also pass the Praxis II examination in health and do a portion of their student teaching experience in a health classroom.

Kinesiology Minors

Athletic Coaching (15 hours)

The Athletic Coaching minor is a program for non-teaching majors who want to become a coach in a youth sport setting. This program combines sports theory classes, risk management, sport psychology and sport participation.

Nutrition (16 hours)

The nutrition minor is designed to provide a sound background in nutrition but without courses that stress clinical chemistry and dietetics. A minor in nutrition is an excellent choice for students who wish to enter the fitness, medical, health and human services related professions.

Physical Education (non-teaching) (16 hours)

The Physical Education minor is designed for persons who wish to supplement another major with a background in physical education. This program may be of interest to individuals who are planning to work in recreation or youth ministry positions.