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RavenReady helps students compete in job market

Mon, 2012-12-03 09:21 -- univcomm
INdorsed career ready graduate
December 3, 2012

In a competitive job market, new graduates need all the help they can get to translate their solid education and practical experience to that first full-time job. Launched last spring, the RavenReady program is unique to Anderson University and its students, and it’s helping Falls School of Business grads get a step ahead.

Participation in the RavenReady program is volunteer-based, and anyone involved in the Falls School of Business may participate. The RavenReady program provides an opportunity for additional professional development experiences while in college. It also allows students to add experiences to their résumé, which will help to differentiate them in the job market.

The RavenReady program is a partnership between the Anderson University Career Development Center and the Falls School of Business. The program is one of the first in the state to be approved by the INdorsed Career Ready Graduate program.

With 120 students currently involved, the numbers are only expected to rise as the program continues to develop and new classes of students move through FSB.

“I believe we have a very unique program with the RavenReady certification process. As students take the RavenReady program seriously, they will be prepared for professional development and for their future careers,” said Dr. Mike Weise, professor of marketing and director of undergraduate studies at the Falls School of Business.

To complete the program and be certified as RavenReady, students must accomplish a sequence of 18 professional development experiences designed by the FSB and AU’s Career Development Center. To fulfill the requirements of the program, students must complete items on a checklist, such as meeting with a career advisor, creating a résumé and updating it annually, completing a minimum of one internship related to the student’s major and interests, and participating in one FSB domestic or global field trip.

Once a student finishes all 18 requirements, they will earn a “Falls School of Business Certificate in Professional Development.” This distinction is valuable to students, as employers may choose to recognize the professional development and preparation of the students who chose to go above and beyond minimum requirements.

“As a graduate of the Falls School of Business, I can understand both the value and the need for a program such as RavenReady. With such high competition for jobs, it is imperative that students do all they can to set themselves apart from their peers,” said Addison Witt, a 2012 AU graduate.

— Kimberly Werline is a senior from Anderson, Ind., majoring in communication arts. Werline is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, writing on behalf of the Anderson University Office of University Communications.

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