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With more than thirty locations around the world, Anderson University offers you a wide range of opportunities to live, learn and serve internationally. For short term learning-service programs we offer the Anderson University Tri-S program. For semester or summer study, you will want to consider one of the Anderson University endorsed study abroad programs. Your Anderson University education can have a global perspective and help you to:

  • develop a greater understanding of world affairs
  • broaden and diversify undergraduate education
  • build cross-cultural awareness
  • experience unique opportunities for personal growth
  • enhance professional and career opportunities

As you begin to think about study abroad, consider the following:


For a successful study abroad experience, you must plan early – at least a year before you plan to go abroad. Early application to some programs is essential for acceptance. Communicating and processing documents always takes longer than expected.


Study abroad programs vary, so you should have clear objectives in mind when selecting a program. Consider these questions:

  • Will you want to receive academic credit?
  • How will the courses fit into your degree program?
  • Are you primarily interested in general studies, or in studies related to your major/minor?
  • How fluent are you in another language? Would you like your classes to be taught in English or the language of your host country?
  • With which kind of housing are you most comfortable – a host family, student residences or independent housing?


Anderson University maintains working relationships with a number of study abroad and USA off-campus study programs. Students are encouraged to give priority consideration to these endorsed programs. AU is also a member of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, which operates programs both for study abroad and in the U.S.A.

In addition to academic year study programs, you may also want to consider summer study opportunities. Study abroad programs and foreign universities offer specialized summer study, ranging from several weeks to three months.


Academic credit for study abroad is never automatic. All study abroad and arrangements for academic credit must be approved before the student begins the study program.

There are two options available to students regarding academic credit for study abroad and USA off-campus study. First, students can enroll in a study program with registration at Anderson University. Students would receive AU credit (a letter grade) for courses taken in the study program. The second option is to enroll in a study program without registration at AU. Students would then receive transfer credit for courses taken in the study program.


Prepare a comprehensive budget. The study program you choose will provide you with information on expenses such as tuition, books, lodging and meals. Be sure to include other costs, such as round-trip air transportation, local transportation, medical insurance, visa fees, vaccination/immunization costs, additional travel costs related to your study program, and personal expenses.

Anderson University financial aid for on-campus study does not automatically transfer to study abroad or USA off-campus study programs. However, a student may be eligible for a grant from Anderson University specifically designated for study abroad or off-campus study. See Financial Aid for Study Abroad for additional information.


Make an appointment to meet with the Director of the Center for International and Intercultural Studies for specific information related to programs and procedures. You will also want to meet with your academic advisor early in the process.


Center for International and Intercultural Studies
Decker Hall, Room 132
Phone: (765) 641-4170