Health Insurance

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Student Health Insurance Information

Anderson University encourages all students to have medical insurance to help pay unanticipated medical expenses. Many students will remain on family medical insurance policies but for those that do not, an individual insurance plan is recommended. The following information is provided to assist students and families decide what, if any, medical insurance coverage is appropriate.

Since the health and well-being of students is an important concern of Anderson University, the following medical services and insurance coverage are provided by the University:
  • Student Health Services provides comprehensive health services to students including immediate care, health counseling, referrals, and wellness education. For more information visit
  • Student Accident Insurance is provided for all students under age 26 who are enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester.  This plan pays after family coverage has considered your claim. For more information see
  • Insurance for Student Athletes is provided by Anderson University in the event of an intercollegiate sports related injury.  Benefits are paid after receiving an Explanation of Benefits from family insurance. Athletic Training staff will assist in the filing of student athlete insurance claims.

For medical coverage beyond what is provided by Anderson University, most students remain covered by a parent’s medical plan. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly referred to as Health Care Reform, dependents may continue coverage under a family plan until age 26. Group plans are required to extend coverage regardless of the dependent, student or marital status of a child. Families are encouraged to check with their health insurance plan or employer to elect or verify continuation of group coverage.

Students without access to family insurance are strongly encouraged to consider an individual insurance plan to pay expenses for medical services not provided by Student Health Services or the Student Accident Plan described above.

Many companies offer individual health insurance plans. Deductibles and plan options vary among plans enabling students and families to balance insurance needs with family budget. Student status is not required for enrollment in these plans.

Student Health Insurance plans are specifically designed for students and may have a lower premium. To be eligible for a student plan, a student must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours.

Seminary Students may consider the individual insurance plans offered by GuideStone, a company providing a range of financial services for the evangelical Christian community.

International students are required to purchase or show proof of insurance that meets Anderson University guidelines. International students without acceptable insurance will be directed to the International Student Organization website ( to purchase insurance coverage. Contact Cindy Sprunger, Director of International Student Services, ( with questions.