Anderson, Indiana

Faculty and Staff Profiles

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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Full-Time Faculty

Kenneth Armstrong [1990]
Professor Emeritus and Former Dean of the FSB
Ph.D., Northwestern University

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Feler Bose [2015]
Professor of Economics
Ph.D., George Mason University

Hardacre 225
(765) 641-4324
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Michael L. Bruce [2003]
Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., St. Louis University

Hardacre 123
(765) 641-4009

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Jeffrey M. Buck [2001]
Executive Director, Adult Studies & Graduate Administration;
Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., The University of Mississippi

Hardacre 202
(765) 641-4329
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Rebecca Chappell [1993]
Director of Music Business Studies
D.A., Ball State University

Fine Arts 244
(765) 641-4461
Hardacre 213B
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Michael E. Collette [1977]
Professor of Management
Ed.D., Indiana University

Hardacre 124
(765) 641-4168

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Emmett Allan Dulaney [2006]
Associate Professor of Marketing
D.B.A., Anderson University

Hardacre 231
(765) 641-4126
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R. Glenn Falls [1952]
Professor Emeritus of the Falls School of Business
D.B.A., Indiana University

Hardacre 110
(765) 641-4048
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Jerrald M. Fox [1985]
Professor of Management
Austin-Cooper Director of Global Business Studies
Ph.D., Union Institute

Hardacre 205
(765) 641-4361
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Rebecca A. Haskett [1996]
Professor of Management; CPA
Director of TAPP
Ed.D., Indiana University

Hardacre 215
(765) 641-4369
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Jay J. Hochstetler [2007]
Associate Professor of Management
Ed.D., Ball State University

Hardacre 125
(765) 641-4121
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Gregory Kaufinger [2012]
Associate Professor of Accounting
D.B.A., Anderson University

Hardacre 203
(765) 641-4274
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Doyle J. Lucas [1984]
DBA Program Director;
Professor of Management
Ph.D., Indiana University

Hardacre 114
(765) 641-4367
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Jill Merle [2008]
Director of Residential MBA;
Professor of Finance
D.B.A., Anderson University

Hardacre 216
(765) 641-4395
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Mark E. Motluck [2000]
Associate Professor of Accounting and Business; CPA
B.B.A., Loyola University of Chicago; J.D., University of Miami

Hardacre 121
(765) 641-4359
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Cynthia L. Peck [1988]
Associate Professor of Accounting
M.B.A., Indiana University

Hardacre 102
(765) 641-4366
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Melanie Peddicord [2011]
Assistant Professor of Accounting & Business
M.B.A., Anderson University

Hardacre 224
(765) 641-4355
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Francis O. Pianki [1998]
Professor of Management
Ed.D., Indiana University

Hardacre 122
(765) 641-4372
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Hyeon Joon Shin [2014]
Associate Professor of Economics
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Hardacre 234
(765) 641-4295
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Anna Stumpf [2014]
Assistant Professor of Marketing
M.A.T., M.B.A., University of Indianapolis

Hardacre 225
(765) 641-4294
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Terry Truitt [1995]
Professor of Finance and Economics;
Dean, Falls School of Business; CMA
D.B.A., Mississippi State University

Hardacre 101
(765) 641-4354
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Brock Vaughters [2014]
Assistant Professor of Business and Economics
M.B.A., Ball State University

Hardacre 213A
(765) 641-4293
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Erin Renae Wagoner [2013]
Assistant Professor of Accounting
M.S., Ball State University

Hardacre 103
(765) 641-3062
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Michael D. Wiese [1990]
Professor of Marketing
Director of Undergrad Studies
Ph.D., Loyola University-Chicago

Hardacre 126
(765) 641-4365
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Administrative Staff

Lisa C. Bailey
Office Manager, MBA Programs

Hardacre 201
(765) 641-4329

Johnna Barnard
Manager, Community Relations and Enrollment

Hardacre Hall 253
(765) 641-4562

Toni Earl
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Falls School of Business

Hardacre 100
(765) 641-4360

Brian Martin
Community Relations and Enrollment Specialist

Hardacre Hall 255
(765) 641-4598
Andrea McClain
Community Relations and Enrollment Specialist

Hardacre Hall 251
(765) 641-4251
Shelly D. Weston
Community Relations and Enrollment Specialist

Hardacre Hall 254
(765) 641-4599

Carol Whetsel
Undergraduate Administrative Assistant, Falls School of Business

Hardacre 120
(765) 641-4358



The date in brackets indicates the year of first appointment to Anderson University full-time faculty.