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Cinema and Media Arts

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Cinema and Media Arts

The cinema and media arts major provides education and experience for students in all areas of audio, video, and cinema production. From as early as their freshman year, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on professional experience in all production classes and through WQME and Covenant Productions®.

Areas of study include the basics of microphone types and placement, digital recording, audio and video/cinema editing, lighting, gripping, dolly work, as well as above-the-line roles in producing and directing. Other courses address the business of radio/TV/film, scriptwriting, media performance, and voice acting as well as the extensive Communication Arts core which includes communication law, theory, ethics, and writing. Students are required to do an internship in the field.

After graduation, students find employment in a broad range of areas. Recent graduates are working in Los Angeles in the film/video industry; with TV and radio stations; and with production companies, recording studios, and other organizations. Some have opted to go to graduate school, seminary, or serve in the ministry.

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Alumni experiences

Get to know these Anderson University graduates who studied cinema and media arts:

"It's one-on-one (experience), and it's amazing."

Chris Witt
2003 AU grad
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"There was not a single class that did not have a direct influence on my current success."

Thom Newell
2009 AU grad
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"The hands-on experience I gained made the difference in finding a job."

Vince Azzarello
2008 AU grad
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