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Career Development Center available to help all students

Thu, 2009-04-09 12:22 -- univcomm
April 9, 2009

With graduation around the corner for seniors, many have concerns about today’s economy on the job market. Fortunately, Anderson University assists students with everything from selecting a major, building a resume, preparing for interviews, connecting with alumni, job fairs, and on-campus recruiting through the Career Development Center.

Art and Design Students "Converge" in More Ways Than One

Mon, 2009-03-30 11:37 -- univcomm
March 30, 2009

For most college students, April begins to bring an overwhelming flurry of stress, excitement and emotion as graduation day creeps forward without apology. It can be a time of self-centered thinking, agony and frustration as the realities of post-graduation life come to the surface. But for Anderson University’s Senior Art and Design students, April brings their focus to one another as they prepare to open their senior exhibition “Converge: It Totally Matters What It’s Next To.”

AU hosts Special Olympics Festival

Fri, 2009-03-27 11:44 -- univcomm
March 27, 2009

Handkerchiefs and ribbons in vibrant pinks, yellows and greens swept skyward by her classmates brushed Breeanna Olive’s face in a stimulating swirl of color and movement.

festival31Clutching her own set of colorful fabrics, the 8-year-old pushed fistfuls of color into the air and laughed as music thumped, prompting her to strut in a rhythmic dance.

This was her classwork for the day.


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