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AU student completes spring congressional internship

Mon, 2014-08-18 16:30 -- smgower
Anderson University political science major Daniel Glass recently completed an internship with Rep. Susan W. Brooks in D.C.
August 18, 2014

Daniel Glass, senior political science major, recently had the opportunity to join the ranks of individuals working in the U.S. government.

During the spring semester, Glass completed an internship in Washington, D.C., with U.S. Rep. Susan W. Brooks. The internship was through the American Studies Program, a study abroad program offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

Dr. Michael Frank, professor of political science, encourages all students in the political science program to consider spending a semester studying in Washington, D.C.

“Washington is filled with smart and caring people who are genuinely trying to make our society a better place, both now and in the future,” said Frank. “Unfortunately, that's not the way D.C. is portrayed in either the news media or programs like ‘House of Cards.’”

During his time as an intern, Glass lived and learned in the nation’s capital and observed the actions of Brooks.

“I am so impressed with Ms. Brooks’ commitment to constituents,” said Glass.

As an intern, Glass was able to take part in that commitment by answering constituent phone calls, drafting constituent letters, working on co-sponsor forms, giving Capitol tours, and attending various meetings and briefings.

Frank said that Glass was well suited for this internship because of his work ethic and devotion to public service in the political arena.

“I've never met a student who works harder than Daniel,” said Frank.

Dr. Daniel Allen, associate professor of political science, said that he feels confident that his tax money and the country's resources will not go to waste on individuals like Glass.

“There are few students in his league when it comes to buckling down to get the job done with the highest level of quality,” said Allen. “He is deeply inquisitive and doesn't do the minimum to get by.”

Glass was prepared for this internship due to the work in his major. He credits the political science program at AU as both challenging and rewarding. The mission of the program is to train graduates who understand, evaluate, manage and shape events in a manner consistent with a Christian faith perspective.

“A student that studies political science at AU is going to be part of a structured, highly involved program of personal and academic development designed to build them up and prepare them for a competitive career environment,” said Allen. “We don't just settle for a student finishing a degree. We encourage our students to be excellent writers, strong analysts and communicators, and we want them to develop genuine leadership capacity.”

The program also emphasizes the development of professional skills, which include the ability to find good and relevant information quickly, as well as the ability to present it to others verbally, visually and in concise writing, according to Frank.

Through his time at AU, Glass said he has been challenged to thoroughly research and think critically on political topics.

“I have become much better at looking at all sides of an issue and formulating my own opinion,” said Glass.

As of now, Glass plans to attend law school after graduation to pursue a career in public service. However, he is prepared to defer law school if an admirable leader came along with the right position.

PHOTO: Daniel Glass, a junior political science student, recently completed an internship with Rep. Susan W. Brooks in Washington, D.C. After graduation, he plans to attend law school.

— Allison Boyle is a junior from Sykesville, Md., majoring in communication arts and minoring in marketing. Boyle is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, writing on behalf of the Anderson University Office of University Communications.

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