Anderson, Indiana

Barry Staldine, MBA grad

Tue, 2012-01-24 15:48 -- univcomm

What impacted your decision to choose the MBA program at Anderson University? I was at the point in my Christian walk where I really wanted an advanced business learning experience, but, I sought to do so as it was incorporated in Christian values. My decision was confirmed by the very first class in which we discussed business ethics in light of a Christian world view.

In what ways has the MBA program made a positive impact in your career, what difference has it made to you as an employee/employer? My boss recently commented that all of his direct reports were MBAs. He coupled that statement with saying we were all business people rather than just IT people. An MBA degree alone won't advance you. It acts as entry criteria and an opportunity to solve complex problems. What advances you are resolving a series of complex situations that are done well. To do these things well, you need a framework for analyzing those company level situations and making decisions. I gained the framework and beginning experiences in case study and the confidence to attack real-life cases.

What do think sets Anderson apart from other MBA programs, making it a unique and preferred choice of schools for an MBA? The AU MBA is the only program, at least regionally, that strongly incorporates a Christian view. That view is critical as the professional comes of age as a manager.

- Barry Staldine, MBA grad, Vice President of Information Technology, CNO Financial Group