Anderson, Indiana

Troy Bethards, DBA grad

Wed, 2011-06-08 10:35 -- univcomm

I found the DBA program at Anderson University to be an incredibly rewarding experience. First, the program assisted me in integrating the Christian faith in the courses I teach. Second, I think many educators strive to be more effective in their teaching - I know I do. As such, I found the AU DBA program instrumental in enhancing my effectiveness in the classroom. And while there are many other positive things I could communicate, I would like to conclude by stating that it has been very helpful that the DBA required me to enroll in foundation courses outside of my concentration in finance.

I have found that I am a more effective teacher in my finance classes since being exposed to some of the other foundational courses. Overall, I am glad to have completed my doctoral work at Anderson.

- Troy Bethards, 2010 DBA grad, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Southwest Baptist University