Anderson, Indiana

Rice Hall

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Rice Hall

Completed in 1966, Rice Hall offers modular-style living (seven rooms per module, two students per room), air conditioning, and a spacious lounge to 234 women. This hall has some modifications for student with disabilities. Rice Hall is on University Boulevard, near the Olt Student Center.

Rice Hall Lobby
Rice Hall Kitchen
Rice Hall Room

Rice Hall Room



Rice Hall Bathroom


  • Room size: See diagram
  • Window: 48" x 59"
  • Regular twin mattresses
  • Desks, dressers, and wardrobes are attached and non-moveable except in corner rooms
  • Beds are designed to be separate and may not be bunked or lofted.  On the highest setting, appliances and items up to 27 inches can be stored underneath the beds.
  • Lofting beds is not permitted in Rice Hall.
  • Rooms are air-conditioned
  • Handicap-accessible first floor rooms, restroom, lobby, and laundry