Anderson, Indiana

The Fellows

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The Fellows

  • 12-week leadership program designed specifically for incoming students (freshmen and new student transfers).
  • Fellows focuses on how leadership gifts might intersect with the places of service and needs in the AU community.
  • Students are cohort groups with an upperclassmen mentor that is also a Fellows alum.
  • The 12-week (beginning the first full week of class) program encourages students to:
    • dig deep into their faith and their understanding of self and others.
    • plug in to service and lead during their time at Anderson.
    • engage in curriculum that involves readings, films, writing exercises and multiple group experiences.
    • usher growth and a sense of passion for each individual’s calling.
  • Students are asked to commit two hours a week for group time and complete all weekly assignments (Maximum weekly time commitment is 4 hours.)
  • This program is intended to compliment students’ academic pursuits.
  • It will be challenging and it will set a foundation for students wanting to get involved and continue their leader development.

To apply for The Fellows:



If you have any questions please contact the Director of Student Leadership, Abby Knowles (765) 641-4202.

We look forward to your involvement and watching the lasting impact The Fellows are making on the AU campus!