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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations


Eligibility - The IM office does not assume responsibility for the eligibility of individual participants. It is the expectation of IM programs that members of this community will assume the responsibility for their own eligibility in an honest and forthright manner. Any team that allows a person to participate who does not meet the eligibility requirements will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player(s) participate.

Students - All student participants (grad/undergrad) must be enrolled (full or part-time) at Anderson University and have paid the entry fee.

Faculty & Staff - All participants must be employed by Anderson University and have paid the entry fee. Please note that faculty and staff participants are subject to the same rules, policies, and procedures as all other participants.

Intercollegiate Athletes - “In-Season” intercollegiate athletes are restricted from participating in their sports. “Off-Season” athletes are allowed to participate as individuals and groups up to two (2) per team. This applies to any individual listed on an intercollegiate team roster during the current academic year.

Participation in the IM program is completely voluntary. Injuries and their resulting costs are the responsibility of each individual participant. Each participant is encouraged to carry personal health and accident insurance.


Game Locations

The location of games will be listed in the season schedules. Schedules will be available at captain’s meetings prior to the beginning of each season.

Outdoor Seasons (seasons 1 & 4) – IM fields (adjacent to soccer fields)

Indoor Seasons (seasons 2 & 3) – AU Wellness Center



Click here to see the schedule for all IM sports.



Pick up copies of registration and release forms from the Student Activities office or print them off using the link below. All forms must be turned in with the team entry fee by the posted deadline to the Student Activities office. Late or incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.

Click here for registration forms.

Attendance at captain’s meetings is required for participation in an IM event.


Free Agents

If you are unable to get on a team or put together your own, then register in the Student Activities office as a free agent. The IM staff will contact you if placement on a team is successful.



Members of championship teams in all activities receive IM Champion t-shirts. One shirt will be awarded to each individual on the roster.



Intramural Programs at AU exist to contribute to the development of a distinctly Christian community and persons of character. As such, the behavior of all parties involved should reflect this purpose. Every individual is completely responsible for his/her behavior in regard to language, attitude, and general misconduct. IM staff members are empowered to remove participants, coaches, and spectators from any program if they display inappropriate behavior or interfere with the official’s ability to perform necessary duties.

Participants displaying poor sportsmanship, attitude, or general misconduct may be penalized and/or ejected. Use of profanity and/or derogatory comments toward others will result in immediate ejection. All discipline issues will be dealt with by the director of student engagement or the associate dean of students.

Any player, coach, or fan that is ejected must leave the playing area immediately or his/her team will forfeit the game. Suspensions will begin when the meeting with the director of student engagement, not at the time of the ejection/altercation. It is the responsibility of the ejected participant to set up a meeting time with the director of student engagement. Until this meeting takes place, the offending participant is considered an ineligible player and is not allowed to participate in ANY intramural events. This includes games that he/she may have in other sports or divisions, the same night as the ejection. Suspended individuals are ineligible to play in ANY intramural activity until their suspension has ended.

Click here for detailed information regarding intramural discipline policies.


New Sports

Any individual or group that would like to see a new intramural sport must present a request to the Director of Student Programs. The IM staff will review the request and its potential as a new sport.



Referees are required for almost all IM sports. Interested students should inquire with the Human Resources office for available officiating positions. Download a PDF of Intramural Referee Application.



Contact Information

For more information, contact the Director of Student Engagement at x4214 or by e-mail at

* Intramural Programs is sponsored by the Student Activities Office within the Department of Student Life at AU.