Anderson, Indiana

Class of 2011

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Class of 2011

The following people will receive the degrees indicated on May 7, 2011. Personal information is listed for those who requested it; interested churches and employing agencies may contact them.

Doctor of Ministry

  • Anglin, Lenworth
    24 Lawrence Avenue, Kingston 8, Jamaica, W.I., telephone 876-924-7493, cell 876-577-3182. Executive Chairman, Church of God in Jamaica, with headquarters at 35 Hope Road, Kingston 10, in Jamaica, West Indies. Current responsibility for some ninety pastors and 130 congregations of the Church of God in Jamaica. Also Board Member of the Ardenne High School [Church of God institution], the Jamaica Theological Seminary, where he also is adjunct faculty lecturer. Director of the Caribbean Atlantic Assembly of the Church of God. Awarded Jamaica's national honor of Commander of Distinction (C.D.) for service in the fields of religion and community service. Bachelor of Theology from the Jamaica Theological Seminary, senior pastor and evangelist. Contact Address: 35 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I. Contact telephone nos: 876-968-7644, 876-968-5990 E-mail address: or
  • Etindi, Diana
  • Fiertag, James
  • Hannon, Pat
  • Holmes, Adrienne
    8703 Bay Pointe Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46236, e-mail, telephone 317-826-8598, cell 317-657-7000, Ellis Preaching Award Recipient, School of Theology Distinguished Alumna Award.
  • Pattison, Scott
  • Stafford, Rod
  • West, Timothy
  • Wright, Charles

Master of Divinity

  • Abbott, Sharyn L.
  • Benbow, Tyler Michael
  • Fries, Jason Michael
  • Griffin, Jenny Lynn
  • Harting, Ethan D.
  • Littles, Caroline
  • Mattern, John C.
  • Rodgers, M. Alison
  • Streit-Harting, Kirsten L.
  • Thomas, Teresa

Master of Arts in Intercultural Service

  • Akhmetova, Ekaterina
  • Hannon-Wallen, Jaime E.
  • Obwoge, Hellen Bosibori
    1117 E 8th St, Anderson, IN 46012, e-mail, telephone 765-606-7667.
  • Reynolds, Daris L. Jr.
  • Tang, Jie Min

Master of Theological Studies

Thesis Track:

  • Leisure, Tiffany N.

Non-Thesis Track:

  • Burgess, Darryl
    304 S. Cheryl Drive, Muncie, IN 47304, e-mail, telephone 765-289-7297.
  • Eiland, Judy Alston
  • Lenhart, E. Brandon
  • Phillip-Browne, Thelma
    Suncrest, Basseterre, St Kitts, W.I., e-mail, telephone 869-465-9305, cell 869-664-7081, Dematologist.
  • Snyder, Michael Paul
    3235 Raible Avenue, Anderson, IN 46011, e-mail, telepphone 765-635-6319.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

  • DeCrastos, Landon B.
    6725 W. Odessa Way, McCordsville, IN 46055, e-mail, cell 317-225-9036, Lead Pastor of Fishers Point Community Church in Fishers, IN.
  • Hobart, Scott R.
    5035 Langlewood Dr., West Bloomfield, MI 48322, e-mail, cell 248-225-8540.
  • Sundstrom, Marcus C.
  • Watts, Joshua D.