Anderson, Indiana

Class of 2007

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Class of 2007

The following people received the degrees indicated in 2007. Personal information is listed for those who requested it; interested churches and employing agencies may contact them.

Doctor of Ministry Degree

  • Davey, John
  • Doyle, Vickie
    101 Colburn Ct., Worthington, OH 43085, e-mail Pastor of Learning and Serving Meadow Park Church of God. Areas of Interest: Spiritual formation through Sabbath keeping, Church Administration.
  • Hedges, Connie
  • Hone, Michael
  • Krushel, Brian
  • Lamport, Cheryl
  • Sanders, Michael

Master of Divinity Degree

  • Carmody, Joby
  • Chadwell, Shawn
  • Cramer, Marty
  • Crandall, Jonathan
  • Fields, Jared
  • Frame, John
  • Haase, Maurice
  • Kihm, Daniel
  • Killisch, Manuel
    668 Av. San Martin, Leandro N. Alem, Argentina 3315. E-mail Phone +54 3754 421603. Address in Germany Mandelstr. 8 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn Germany Tel.: +49 2845 31886.
  • Smith, Jennifer
  • Thompson, Rick
  • Wisehart, Joy
  • Wright, Tab

Master of Theological Studies Degree

Advanced Theological Studies:
  • Gardner, Mark
  • Hires, Troy

General Theological Studies:

  • Davis, Erin
  • Jacob, Sam P.
    1195 N Elma Ave., Elgin, IL 60120, e-mail, phone 847-695-7373, cell 847-337-7393. Available to serve in ordained ministry like Associate Pastor, Pastoral Care and Counseling or related fields of service. Education: Bachelor of Science (M.G. University, India) Master of Divinity (FITSR, India) Master of Theological Studues (Anderson University School of Theology, Anderson, IN), Experience: Associate Pastor in Church of God in South Inida, Pastoral Care and Counseling in Church of God in South India, Elder in Sunny Place Church of God, Currently involved in Hospitality and Encouragement Team, Addison, IL. Licensed Minister of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana (2006). Reference: Rev. Jim Lyon, Senior Pastor, North Anderson (Madison Park) Chrch of God, Anderson, IN. Rev. Peter Weber, Senior Pastor, Sunny Place Church of God, Addison, IL.
  • Keisler, Scott
  • Kincaid, Kitty
    2012 Northcreek Drive, Englewood, OH 45322. e-mail work phone 937-836-6500. Associate Pastor at Salem Church of God, Clayton, Ohio; Duties include Children & Family Ministries, Women's Ministry, general pastoral duties including counseling. Interest in Lay Pastor Ministry, staff development. Ordained in Ohio, September 2004. Background in Social Work, Counseling, Human Resources.
  • Stephens, Kenny

Online Master of Theological Studies Degree

  • Highlands, Bob
  • Irwin, Tim
  • Lopez, April