Anderson, Indiana

Class of 2006

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Class of 2006

The following students received the degrees indicated in 2006. Personal information is listed for those who requested it; interested churches and employing agencies may contact them.

Doctor of Ministry

  • Justice, Aaron
  • Krushel, Brian
  • Sanders, Michael
  • Wimmer, Stephen

Master of Divinity

  • Bargerstock, Randall — Parish Pastor Track
  • Dilworth, Benjamin — Parish Pastor Track
  • Kirby, Margaret L. — Pastoral Care & Counseling
    1300 Imel Dr. Apt A, Anderson, IN 46012; e-mail; phone 765-622-0589; cell 765-425-1555; BS Biology Chemestry 1993; 2 months Medical Missions Haiti; BS Nursing 1996; One week each Medical Missions to Haiti and Dominican Republic; Five months Discipleship Training School in Africa with Mercy Ships. I have worked with Christian Counseling Center, South Meridian COG, Women of the COG and in leadership in the School of Theology. Areas of interest include senior pastor in congregation less than 100, and/or associate of congregational care, assimilation and/or discipleship.
  • Lindo, Navon — Parish Pastor Track
  • Long, Tina — Pastoral Care/Christian Education Track
    949 S. 400 E., Kokomo, IN 46902; e-mail; phone 765-459-3821
  • McIntosh, Chad Douglas — Parish Pastor Track
  • McKissack, Leah — Pastoral Care/Christian Education Track
  • Merriman, Mary — Parish Pastor Track
  • Nelson, Edward Jason — Pastoral Studies Concentration
  • Oldham, Marvin, N, III — Parish Pastor Track
    3420 Westfield Court, Anderson, IN 46011; e-mail; phone 765-642-3567; cell 765-621-0948; Licensed in the state of Louisiana in 2001. Ordained in 2005. Interim Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Oak Grove Church of God in Oak Grove, LA from 5/2001-7/2002. Focus on Pastoral Ministries and Care. Associate Pastor of Youth, Young Adult, Finances, and Administration at Pendleton Community Church of God in Pendleton IN from 6/2004 - present. Interests in Associate Pastor or Senior Pastor. Can be contacted by phone or e-mail.
  • Wright, Aaron Gabriel — Parish Pastor Track

Master of Arts in Intercultural Service

  • Reynolds, Angela Rose

Master of Theological Studies

  • Allbaugh, Donald Lee
  • Bailey, Arnetta McNeese
    6208 Arrowhead Drive, Anderson, IN 46013; e-mail; phone 765-649-3733; Black Church Studies, Ashland Theological Seminary; In-Service Training Institute; 100 CEU hours; Ordained 2000; NAWCG Academic Award 2001; NAWCG President Award 2001; Reconciliation Task Force of the Church of God; Program Committee for Education and Mission; NCC Founder-Executive Director/Priscilla's Lost and Found (Faith-based mentoring Ministry); Senior Ministry Coordinator - Women of the Church of God, Anderson IN; References upon request; Pastor; Contact:
  • Carrell, Ryan Scott — Advanced Theological Studies Track
    e-mail; phone 317-566-9139; BA, Bible and Religion, Anderson University (2002); Worship Arts Intern at North Anderson Church of God (2000-2002); Associate Pastor of Worship and Small Group Ministries at Centerville Christian Fellowship (CHOG) in Centerville, Ohio (2002-2003); interested in positions in worship; references available upon request.
  • Seal, Nathan, W.
  • Stork, Keith Edward