Anderson, Indiana

Orientation Program

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Orientation Program

The orientation program of the Anderson University School of Theology is a time for meeting other new students, faculty and staff, and sharing together about one's journey related to a seminary education. The seminary's orientation program is an integral element for introducing new students to the ideals and philosophy, requirements, expectations, and activities of the School of Theology. This orientation takes place at the beginning of each semester for new students.

An important part of orientation is a series of individual evaluations which deal with motivation, as well as personal and mental maturity for ministry. These evaluation tools assist the seminary in providing appropriate guidance to students across his or her academic journey. Completion of these evaluations is mandatory for all degree candidates and optional for students entering under the "Special Student Status."

Specific information regarding orientation dates and the schedule of activities is provided to new students before the beginning of each semester. Orientation is mandatory for new or transfer residential students to the Anderson University School of Theology as it connects the student to the seminary and with their first classes at the school. Online students' orientation is coordinated with the Online Week of classes.

Orientation for Semester I, 2014-15 is Thursday and Friday, August 21-22, 2014.

Orientation activities take place on the campus of Anderson University in the School of Theology.