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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I serve my TFE?

Students can serve their TFE at any ministry or para-ministry that will be able to fulfill the requirements for guidance and evaluation outlined in the Theological Field Education Manual [PDF]. The student may choose the ministry that he/she is interested in, provided that it fits the parameters of the particular course that he/she is enrolled in.


If I am a pastor, can my current position fulfill the TFE requirement?

As long as your pastoral work falls within the requirements of your particular course, you may use your current assignment as your TFE. Your supervisor must be willing to follow the evaluation guidelines outlined in the Theological Field Education Manual [PDF].


How can I get connected with a ministry?

AUSOT has contacted several churches in the immediate area and is awaiting reply from many. Some have volunteered to serve as Teaching Parishes. You may contact any churches on the list of Teaching Parishes to seek an assignment. You may also talk to your current pastor about an opportunity to serve at your local congregation, or check with your professor for further suggestions.


Further questions about TFE may be directed to your professor. If you are not enrolled in a class that requires TFE, but would like further information about TFE to assist in your educational journey, contact your advisor or send an e-mail to Dr. Guy Brewer.