Specialization in Professional Chaplaincy

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Specialization in Professional Chaplaincy

The Association of Professional Chaplains requires a 72-hour professional master’s degree for certification, and our Master of Arts in Christian Ministry: Professional Chaplaincy Specialization was designed to meet those requirements. It includes all of the courses needed to prepare a student to take their certification examination.

The courses in this specialization, to be taken in sequence by a cohort of at least seven students, are:

  • Orientation to Online Theological Studies (1 hr)
  • Teaching Ministry of the Church (2 hrs)
  • Spiritual Formation (3 hrs)
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling (3 hrs)
  • Professional Chaplaincy (3 hrs)
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (6 hrs)
  • Biblical Foundations of Mission (3 hrs)
  • Literature and History of the Old Testament I (3 hrs)
  • Literature and History of the Old Testament II (3 hrs)
  • Ethics for the Vocation of Ministry (3 hrs)
  • Homiletics (3 hrs)
  • Pastoral Preaching (3 hrs)
  • History of the Christian Church (3 hrs)
  • Literature and History of the New Testament I (3 hrs)
  • Literature and History of the New Testament II (3 hrs)
  • Church of God Reformation Movement (or Denominational History) (3 hrs)
  • The Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World (3 hrs)
  • Pastoral Care and Grief (3 hrs)
  • Advanced Pastoral Care Seminar (crisis counseling) (3 hrs)
  • Constructive Theology I (3 hrs)
  • Constructive Theology II (3 hrs)
  • Ministry of Biblical Reconciliation (3 hrs)
  • Clinical Pastoral Leadership (6 hrs)

Total hours for the MACM Degree= 48 (courses bolded above)
Total hours with Professional Chaplaincy Concentration = 72

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For admissions, scholarship, or financial aid questions, contact David Neidert, director of student development, by email at dlneidert@anderson.edu or by telephone at (765) 641-4526.