Anderson, Indiana

MTS Comprehensive Exam

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MTS Comprehensive Exam

There will be three sections on this examination with one question from each section:

  • Bible
  • History
  • Theology

Testing will be done with a two-hour time limit allotted for students to write on the question.

Grading will be:

  • High Pass
  • Pass
  • Low Pass
  • Fail

Student must pass with at least a Low Pass in all three sections. There will be two opportunities for students to retake examination: two weeks after the initial testing, and again two weeks after that. A student who fails three times will be eligible to retake during the Summer with the possibility of graduation in August.

Students will write their answers on computer, and are allowed an unmarked version of NRSV with Apocrypha. They will not be permitted to bring anything with them into the examination.

Residential students will take the Comprehensive Exam on-site at the School of Theology. Online students are responsible to recruit a local proctor; someone to whom the examination questions will be mailed. The proctor will administer the examination, enforcing all the regulations printed on this document. The student must provide the proctor's name and mailing address to Kristen Caylor.