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M.Div. Curriculum

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M.Div. Curriculum

A student who attends full time and satisfactorily completes the courses listed in this sequence may expect to graduate in three years. A student who attends part time will need more than three years to complete the degree. Note that any academic deficiencies must be removed during the first 12 hours of courses.

First Academic Year

  • HCUS 5110 History of Christianity I
  • HCUS 5120 History of Christianity II
  • HCUS 5200 Biblical Foundations of Mission
  • PAST 5230 Spiritual Formation
  • BIST 5110 The Literature and History of the Old Testament I
  • BIST 5330 Biblical Hebrew I or BIST 5340 Biblical Greek I
  • PAST 5180 Disciplemaking in Christian Communities
  • BIST 5120 The Literature and History of the Old Testament II
  • BIST 5430 Biblical Hebrew II or BIST 5440 Biblical Greek II

Second Academic Year

  • PAST 6370 Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • BIST 6130 Biblical Hebrew III or BIST 6141 Biblical Greek III
  • BIST 6210 The Literature and History of the New Testament I
  • THST 6510 Constructive Theology I
  • THST 6550 Constructive Theology II
  • BIST 6231 Biblical Hebrew IV or BIST 6241 Biblical Greek IV
  • BIST 6220 The Literature and History of the New Testament II
  • HCUS 6010 The Church of God Reformation Movement or HCUS 6020 (Denominational) History and Background
  • Clinical Pastoral Experience (6 hours)

Third Academic Year

  • THST 7510 Topics in Theology
  • THFE 7750 Field Education I: Congregational Immersion 
  • THFE 7501 The Ministry of Biblical Reconciliation
  • THST 7330 Theological Ethics
  • HCUS 7150 The Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World
  • THFE 7760 Field Education II: Congregational Immersion 
  • THST 7340 Ethics for the Vocation of Ministry
  • PAST 7300 Homiletics


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