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Cost & Tuition

The AU School of Theology and its Trustees work annually to make our seminary experience affordable to all students. The links below provide the current costs for our graduate program.

The per-semester-hour cost for the 2015-16 academic year is $555 ($1,665 per three-hour course).

The cost of a semester for 2015-16 is $6,660 for 12 to 16 semester hours of classes

The annual cost for a residential full time student (12-16 hours) is $13,320 for 2015-16.  Most students will receive scholarships to offset this annual cost. A full time residential student's 2015-16 cost will be:

$13,320 tuition for 12-16 hours
   6,800 scholarship
$ 6,520 tuition (not including books or living expenses)

Also see online costs and scholarships at:
Students of the Anderson University School of Theology receive financial assistance to make this tuition affordable. See the School of Theology financial aid information for details.

For a detailed view of tuition costs and other fees, see:

Master's Level Tuition and Fees [PDF]

Doctor of Ministry Fees [PDF]