Anderson, Indiana

Historical Perspective

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Historical Perspective

Anderson University was established in 1917 as Anderson Bible Training School. The institution's history and development, which led to its university status, established the school's importance in Christian higher education in America. The School of Theology is part of that development. In 1950, a graduate division was established for the advanced professional preparation of ministerial students. This division is known as Anderson University School of Theology and is the graduate seminary of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).

Anderson University School of Theology affirms its relationship with both its parent university and the reform movement known within the Christian community as the Church of God (Anderson, IN). As the graduate seminary of the Church of God, Anderson University School of Theology is committed to the biblical essentials of Christian holiness and Church unity which have been hallmarks of the movement's message for more than a century. Honoring the entire Christian heritage, Anderson School of Theology aspires to be biblical in orientation, evangelical in emphasis, and ecumenical in spirit.

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